Friday, December 18, 2009

my baby boy

There are no words to describe the feeling that I have as a mother when I stop and think of the huge number of children that are without parents. Some of these children are victims of substance abuse, poor living conditions, loss of parents due
to tragedy, neglect...and the list goes on.

Every Christmas season as I try to make sense of the mounds of wrapping paper shreds, the stacks of opened gift boxes and the new toys scattered through the house. One thing always come to my mind, it's the thought of others who do not have, do not get, do not have family.
With all the busy days and nights that we have had trying to set up and prepare our nursery & gift shop for the spring, time has gotten away from me. Due to the lack of extra time that I have, I did not take custom orders for my handmade goods for Christmas this year. I have tried to eliminate any added work or stress to make more time for helping Mr. Roe and being with my family. So, when the time crunch came for Christmas cards, I decided to pass on them as well. I know, I know, it's been a tradition that I have always done. However, I was not going to stress myself this Christmas, right?

I decided that since I wasn't doing the Christmas cards, I had a little extra Christmas change to play around with. Yep, you got it...I adopted a child! What fun, what a blessing and totally stress free. I can shop all day and not get stressed a bit - LOL

We were given our child's name (Rodney) and age (4 mo.) and a list of items that were needed for the child. My new adopted baby was a boy! Wow, I only have girls, so having a baby boy to buy for was so much fun. After picking up several clothing sets, toys and a new walker I headed home to wrap the gifts. I picked up some cute doggy paper that I just loved and I hope that Rodney will enjoy it too! Merry Christmas to my baby boy, God bless you little one. I am forever grateful that I have had the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.


Cheri said...

That is so awesome, Heather! That is what Christmas is really about.
Also, I'm right there with you on the skipped cards this year... I just can't seem to find time for them this year and I have been so sad. If I don't get them done this weekend, no card from me either! :( But it seems like a lot of people are the same way because I have only received a handful this year...

Glad you got a chance to buy some boy things for a change! Isn't it fun? Maybe I should adopt a little girl for Christmas...

Lisa said...

I would love to do this! Where did you "adopt" your baby boy?

Kris said...

Oh I love that you did this! What a wonderful example you are to your girls in giving such a sweet service to a little one in need. Those are the things that truly make this time of year so memorable.