Thursday, December 3, 2009

ho hum diddly dum

I find myself often saying quirky sayings out loud. Is that a bad thing? I also find myself eating handfuls of Christmas themed M&M's as I pass the candy dish. Sometimes even grabbing those addictive Dove peppermint bark holiday candies for breakfast (shame, shame)! Is this bad? What about when I eat the other half of my kids oatmeal creme pie or left over cupcakes? Bad? Oh yeah, and my husband is the best. He buys me Snickers ice cream bars so that at anytime I can get my fix. Now, those little dudes rule! Tisk, tisk!
Oh well, ho hum diddly dum life is sweet, I'll try to do better tomorrow - LOL


Lynette Betlow said...

Good to know that you really are human:) For a while there I was really becoming convinced that you were a superhero - ie."SuperMom", but thank you for sharing that you too sneak the treats! It's a human weakness for us all. Happy snacking:)

Cheri said...

The real mystery is how you eat all that and remain in a size 2! Haha! Eat up, that is part of the fun at Christmas time!
Also, very cute picture. :)

Heather said...

You ladies are crackin' me up. I will be the first to tell you, I am WAAAAAYYYY back in the line of those mom's that are being handed the "SuperMom" award. That would go more to like my girl, Stephanie Nielson. And, as for eating and being a 2 (Cheri, like you have room talk)... These two little girls of mine keep me on a pretty strict diet - LOL. I only have time to eat things that I can hold in one hand, things that do not require much attention or that have a messiness factor and that I can digest in two bites with minimal chewing. That's just life keeping up with two busy girls! The other thing, the candy dish is conveniently located on the path towards the potty. With potty training underway, I pass the dish quite frequently!

Kris said...

You're so dang funny Heather! Oh, I can relate to those Dove candies...mmmmm!