Monday, December 14, 2009

I got my....

WISH!!!!! I had a wonderful time this weekend with family and friends. It's always my wish at Christmas that friends and family gather near for a time of fun and lots of yummy food. So, this weekend, I got my wish! It's not often that all of my family (the southern side) gets to gather around and just visit, tell stories and laugh with each other. I was in hog heaven! We had a great time at the annual Lawlor Christmas party, my cousin Amy knows how to get things done! She's Martha with a little spice :) She decorates, bakes, and can make a mean pot of chili, but she also knows how to get the laughter going.

My family was able to be together and just have fun and enjoy the true gift of sharing time and our love for one another, something that seems to be so rare these days. Much of my family went to church together on Sunday to enjoy the service and to cheer on my cousin in his performance in the church Christmas musical. It was so enjoyable being surrounded by people that care, in church, watching my little cousin (9 years old) with other Sunday school students tell about the real meaning of Christmas in a comical yet touching story.

After service we gathered back at my cousins house for lunch with a huge spread of party hourderves and desserts, yum-O! It was a Sunday to be remembered, a Sunday that I don't ever get to have, a Sunday with my family. It was a blessed day and a blessing that I am glad to have given to me, a gift.

So, for me, Christmas has come early. I've gotten my family joined in fun holiday memories. Thanks Santa for an early present. No, actually, it was right on time. And Jesus, you are the reason for the season. Thank you for the gift of love and for being the first example of what true love is...unconditional, non-judging and full of forgiveness!


Lynette said...

Amen, sister Heather. Jesus is the reason for the season. I believe He enjoyed watching our visit:)

Kris said...

What a beautiful post Heather! Having your family all together is like having a bit of heaven on earth.