Sunday, January 3, 2010

bring it on

Mr. Roe and I were in the mood for some fun family time. With all of the holiday bustle, Christmas gatherings and other to-do's on our event list, we wanted to slow it down a bit and have some "us" time. We packed up and headed north to Tennessee.

We stayed in a high rise condo. that was so awesome. My favorite part was the tub, it was HUGE. I gotta get one...soon!!!! I feel a remodeling project coming on - LOL We visited some of our favorite place, The Black Bear Jamboree, The Comedy Barn, and Roxy's favorite...Dixie Stampede. We were able to see Santa once again and his reindeer. Roxy enjoyed being on stage dancing during the show at the Comedy Barn. Bryar loved the live music and the food! We also found a fun cafe, the Flying Horse Grill. It's a cafe with a large carousel, so fun!

We had a great time with the girls enjoying each others company.

We got a nice surprise...snow! It wasn't a ton of snow, but the kids got a kick out of it and Tommy and I giggled right along with them. It made for a fun ride home and made the time in the car pass quickly.

This week I hope to post lots of fun ideas, crafting stuff and maybe even a few of my own creations. I am looking forward to reading your blogs and enjoying your creations and ideas as well. Let's make 2010 full of crafting fun...bring it on!


Jana Floyd said...

Your trip & family time looks so charming! I am sold on a trip to Gatlinburg!!

Anonymous said...

Michael & I enjoyed the Flying Horse as well. It is a fun relaxing place to eat! Hope to post some new stuff soon for you to critique! i am slowly getting the hang of everything! Thanks for the inspiration.

Cheri said...

Sounds fun, were going to Disney World in February and I can't wait!!!! Love the picture of the girls at Dixie Stampede, so cute!