Tuesday, January 5, 2010

nothing new

Roxanne has had some experience in the past with my camera. She loves to use the "black" camera to take pictures. Most of the time I make her use the tri-pod with it, but there are times that I have let her hold the camera free hand. She loves to work the lens, angle the camera and count down before the shot is taken (the warning call).

While being silly and having fun taking snap shot photos at a recent anniversary reception, Roxanne stepped behind the lens. With the camera mounted to the tri-pod, she was begging for a good target. So, I stepped in and gave her some action.

For being so young (almost 5), she does a pretty amazing job of capturing a moving target.
This little gal may just have a little talent under her sleeve (fingers crossed).
I would love to see her advance in her photography skills, she would be amazing!
So, I guess little Roxanne is going to be following close in my footsteps. It's fine by me, I like her close and it looks like she kind of enjoys it too! We make a great team :)


Lisa said...

Aww that is so cute!!

Cheri said...

Too cute! She's got talent, for sure.

Anonymous said...

That's very cute!

Kortnee said...

She was just clicking away the other night. I loved it! Go Roxy!!

Kris said...

Oh, I love it, love it! Great pictures Roxanne! Also, I'm loving your outfit Heather. Is that a capelet you're wearing? So chic. I also love that you hammed it up with Roxanne- I bet she had a blast! You're such a fun mom!