Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm not ready

Roxanne: "Mom, I need to tell you something."

Me: "And what is that?"

Roxanne: "I'm in love with Peyton."

Me: (laughing) "You are?"

Roxanne: "Yes, he's embarrassingly cute!"

Me: (laughing) "Oh, Roxanne, you are too much!"

Roxanne: laughing

Me: dialing her daddy's cell phone (still laughing)

There are just some things that I am not sure I am ready for! Dear Lord, please let the days of Dora panties and rain boots live on....for at least another 20 years - LOL


Anonymous said...

yes please Lord, our little angels can't grow up this fast!! No more Peyton Roxy!!

Cheri said...

Wow, I actually got a little teary-eyed reading this post. Not ready for this yet!!! Except it's the opposite for me....little girls are already calling Dylan their boyfriend. Of course, he is clueless! I hope to keep it that way for a while.... ;)

Kris said...

Oh that is the cutest thing ever! Giggling sweetie! I love how she said, "He's embarassingly cute!" LOL Too funny!

Lynette said...

Amen to that! Joseph has alot of "friends" (basically everyone he meets and even some he doesn't).
To think of the time he will tell me that he "likes" a girl - UGH - my heart is not ready for that!