Tuesday, June 8, 2010

colors of fun

Simply put, kids amaze me. Seriously, they do! The way they think, their actions, it's all so simple but yet so complex as to how they put things together. In this video my two little artist are painting with the same paint, on the same wall but yet they go about it so differently. Bryar is painting a squirrel (in case you couldn't figure that out) and Roxy is painting a picture of herself on the beach.

Bryar paints but yet looks away, over to the side while still painting, as if the brush is doing all the work. She never turns her back to see what's going on behind her. She doesn't change paint color often or even move her brush to a different spot (outside of the black blob). Roxanne paints a little here and a little there, then steps back to examine her work and turns as if to show it off or to gain approval from the audience. Then she repeats the process.

I know both of them are at different skill levels/ages but the way they painted so differently just amazed me. It makes me want to try this again in a few years just to see if their techniques/body movements have changed. This was just an observation and is probably meaningless and pointless to you, my blogger friends. It's a mommy thing, we've all done it and we should. It's what makes being a mom so special!

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