Tuesday, June 22, 2010

gifts with a "kick"

OK, OK! You asked, so here ya have it! I guess I sounded a little secretive in my post about Mr. Roe's father's day gifts. Well, he sneaks over and reads my blog sometimes so I didn't want to blow the surprise.

The girls picked out their gift first. A pair of Skecher's that they thought their daddy would just love (and he did)! The guy loves shoes and he has a ton of them. It's like a bad habbit. He's as bad as a girl sometimes!

Then it was Mama's turn to shop. Mr. Roe had dropped a hint about a snow cone, smoothie maker when we were talking about the party house. I mean, come on, what's a party house without super cool drinks, right?
So, I did some investigating and found just the right "toy"! LOL

It's the Ninja! And let me tell ya, the name says it all. Their slogan is "Rule the kitchen". Well my friend, you can definitely rule with this little dude. I'm talkin' snow dust in just 2 seconds, seriously! It's one ice crushin, ice dust makin' cool machine.

So, the Roe chic's have been the guinea pigs for Dad's new snow cone and smoothie recipes.
But believe me, we aren't complaining!

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Lynette said...

Awesome gifts! Thanks for sharing -I just couldn't stand the suspense.
I wouldn't have guessed about the love of shoes, but, hey, I can relate...there are just so many styles for so many different occasions (even for guys:)
Oh, and the "Ninja"...how cool is that! Can't wait to join you all in that party house and enjoy a smoothie:)