Monday, June 21, 2010

Saws, boards & nails...oh my!

It sounded like a construction site around here on Saturday. I think this puts us over the #50 mark on the project list. Seriously, I don't know that there has been a period of more than a couple of months that we have not been renovating, painting, tearing something out or building something new. It's just kinda what we do - LOL

Well, here's the deal. We (or maybe I) needed more space. We've brainstormed in the past about adding a "fun house, party house, play house, studio, etc. (call is what ya'd like). So, we decided it was time. The girls are getting older and they love to have their friends over to play. We enjoy company as well and would like to have a place to just have fun. Snow cones, smoothies, the Wii, games galore, fire pit for hot dogs & smores and a front porch/back porch to shoot the breeze. So, it's up! Not finished, but up.

The new addition will serve as our play house and my studio. I want a place that I can set up as a mini photo studio. No, I'm not going pro...I ain't got time! But, it would be nice to have a place for close friends and family to have little mini photo sessions or my girls being silly in front of the lens or maybe a few of those cute little puppies, dogs, kitty's and other small house pets to have a place to come for a little pet photo session.

So, there ya have it! I'll try to post more pics of our progress. Right now, all four walls are up and the roofing is next. My hopes are to have it complete by Christmas. Maybe Santa can set up my backdrops, barn lights and props...that would be cool!


Lynette said...

Cool, cool, way cool!
But please also fill us all in on Tommy's special Father's Day gifts. You've left us hangin' long enough:)

Kortnee said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait to see it!

Kris said...

Oh WOW!!!!! That is so fantastic! You will absolutely LOVE this addition to your home! We have a basement in our home that we have turned into something similar. I think it is so important that as children get older they have a place like that where they can play together, have friends over, and where they just love being home. Good luck with it all...can't wait to see how it all progresses!