Monday, August 30, 2010

age is more than just a number

To some of us, age is just something that we would like to regulate based upon feelings. For instance, there are times that I think it would be fun to be 18 again. However, there are other times that I think back at age 18 and cringe. So, we have a way of wanting to regulate our age according to the moment, according to the feeling of youth that grabs at our hearts and according to emotions that flow from remembrance of times past.

Saturday we celebrated Bryar's 3rd birthday (pictures soon). No big party, just us, simple. Yes, we decorated, had a dinosaur cake (per her request), gifts and cards, balloons and lots of laughter. For the first time, it clicked with Bryar as to what a birthday was all about. She will proudly tell you that she is three without hesitating a bit. She'll throw up three fingers just to make sure that you understand how important being three really is. LOL

Happy birthday to my beautiful Bryar. She inspires me to laugh when things go wrong, make silly faces when people are watching, be a little less poised in front of the camera, be a little sassy and a whole'lotta giggly and to appreciate the little things that are more her level, acorns, rocks and earth worms to name a few. I love you!

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Kris said...

Oh what a sweetheart! I absolutely love that age. There is just something so magical about it. Those are sweet pictures Heather and I love her number appliqued on her shirt. Can't wait to see the dino cake!