Friday, August 6, 2010

she's got the hang of it

We are in the home stretch of our first week of school. It's been a fun week but yet tiring for most everybody. From the get go of Monday's rush of energy, with all of the new people, new school, new activities and so on, it was a challenge. By Wednesday we were "in the groove" of things. Today, we are just glad to know that it is Friday...all of us!

It has been fun to watch Roxanne's reaction to the newness of her surroundings. She has handled herself well and she has made many new friends. I can see that she wants to succeed in her school work. She is ready to learn and reach higher.

I am glad that she is adjusting so well and I am looking forward to a great school year. Good luck Roxanne, mommy is proud of you!


Cheri said...

Aww, I hope Roxanne has a GREAT year in Kindergarten...she looks adorable in her uniform!

Kaysens nye kl├Žder said...

Her hair is fantastic! :)