Monday, August 23, 2010

thirty something

Ok, so I'm thirty something and I think I have somewhat gained the right to express my thoughts, feeling and emotions openly. Why? Well, because I'm old enough to know what is right and wrong, young enough to see the silly things and join in on the fun and content enough to be myself whether I appear to be popular to some or unpopular to others.

I have noticed myself being a little more observant the past few months, no particular reason I guess. It may just be that my kids are able to sit still in a shopping cart long enough for me to notice things around me instead of wiping snotty noses, finding lost passy's, mixing formula bottles while sorting through my coupons and all the other mama with youngins' stuff!

So, I now know that my kids are not the only ones who have ever whined for what seamed like eternity in a very quiet Michael's craft store. They are also not the only ones who have left Target with tears because the slushy machine was out of order. I am a sucker for buying things just because it has a bird on it. I talk to my mom everyday, on purpose. I do not like the smell of dog droppings while shopping at PetSmart. I like paint, I love fabric and I need to stop my addiction to both of these things. I pretty much can't stand the offensive smell of awful perfume, seriously, did you bathe in it? Tiny diapers and baby blankets are missed terribly. I see others my age and think to myself how old they are starting to look. I look at myself and think the same thing at times. I love chocolate, ice cream and cheesecake and I could eat it all at once and not feel the least bit guilty. I hate to cook cheap food, I hate to buy cheap linens and I hate cheap toilet paper with a passion. A child that shows no respect to an adult makes me wanna hurl. Tulips are my favorite flower. One day I will buy something for myself at Tiffany's. I can not stand the look of white pumps on my feet. Baby ducks have got to be the cutest things ever. Old pictures make me laugh. Life is full of adventure, a little laughter, a few tears and heap of hugs and kisses.

That about sums it up. I could go on, but I've got a spunky little two year old who is asking me to come and play. And that my friend, it something I love!


Kortnee said...

Sounds just like you! :)
PS- I hate white pumps as well... looks like duck feet! LOL. Nude shoes all the way!

Mad Men Girl said...


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Lisa {a house full of moxie} said...

Said perfectly!

Kris said...

Heather, I just ADORE YOU!!!!!!!