Tuesday, November 16, 2010

filling & feelings

Each year as the cheer of the Christmas season arrives, as a family we always make it a point to share in giving to others. It's become somewhat of a tradition in our home to participate in Operation Christmas Child.
(I also included some of the children and their families from our church to help out this year. We were able to send a total of 7 boxes to this wonderful charity.)

My Dad and I took my girls shopping and let them pick out appropriate items to fill their shoebox gift. Their faces were full of excitement and their voices chirped as they busily picked items from the shelves. With tiny baby dolls, toothbrushes, pen sets, small puzzles,Play Doh and many other items, we were ready to start filling up our shoebox gift package.

Once we were finished we wrote a letter about ourselves and tucked it into the package before shipping it off. Roxanne was full of questions about who might get the box, what their name would be, where they lived and so on. I could tell that her feelings and emotions were tender. It was such a sweet moment to watch her faith and hope build in her as she put forth such effort into something, only trusting my words that it would be delivered, but to whom...we knew not. Wow, that's a lesson all by itself!

I hope that you will take the time to give a smile, a hug, a small donation of your time and energy or simply just a prayer for those in need. Though the holidays come and go, those who have needs carry those needs year round. Just something to think about.


Denisha said...

We started doing this about 4 years ago as well! It's so awesome to get together & have an assembly line working together to make someones Christmas wish come true! Can you imagine if all American kids only got a shoe box of goodies for Christmas!! It makes you stop & wonder what kind of society we would have! Love you, and it's great Roxy is so tender hearted I hope she stays that way forever!

Cheri said...

Thanks for making me cry this morning, Heather! ;)

Seriously, thank you for the reminder to think of others this holiday season. So many times we get wrapped up in our own busy world and forget there is many less fortunate all around us.

I pray God blesses you and your family!

moxieLisa said...

I absolutely love this idea and will definitely be implementing it this year. We are too late to drop it off but they offer a mail in service so that is awesome!