Friday, June 19, 2009

An accident and a few stitches

With a little one around, things are bound to get broken. Roxanne is learning to adjust to this philosophy pretty well. However, there are still those select few items that she is not to willing to share with her baby sister.

Being a big sister is no easy task, especially when your four. The other night, Roxanne was doing her best to share her bath toys when all of the sudden we heard a "rrrrriiiiiippp" and then a "Mooooooommmmmm, she tore my baby doll", following by a whaling and tears.

We assured Roxanne that the baby was going to be just fine and that it was a simple fix. Her suggestion was that we tape it together. Roxanne is fascinated with tape, she thinks it will fix anything. I suggested stitching the baby, just like the doctors do when there is a severe "booboo". She agreed.

We are keeping a close watch on the baby to make sure that she heals well. Roxanne is an excellent mommy. Bryar needs a little help in that area (wink)!

On a brighter note, guess what...I got to sew!!! Yep, I'll reveal it next week, it's very unique! And, I also had a girls night out. I'll be posting pictures of the nights events next week. You're gonna love what my hands got to do!

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Kris said...

Oh how sweet! You're such a good mom to take such tender care in your little girls' feelings. I love the stitches!