Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning milk

It is so sweet to observe a child's behaviour. I love their realness, the way they just enjoy things. Sometimes I think as adults we forget that life does not have to be so "crisp and clean". I was just having fun the other morning with the girls, watching them, laughing with them and being a little corny. You can't help but to sometimes act like a kid when you are around kids, right?

Well, the girls were having fun enjoying each others company and eating their breakfast. Bryar was being a kid, just enjoying life and drinking her milk. She would take big gulps, let it drip down her chin and then lick off the dripping milk. I mean come on, no since in wasting good milk by wiping it off when you could just lick it - LOL!

With Roxanne cackling in the background, me getting tickled and Bryar being entertained by the two of us, she continued to "enjoy" her milk. She decided it would be cool to feel the milk. I mean, you know who wouldn't? After all, her milk has been contained in a bottle or sippy cup for almost two years, I think I would want to try to feel it too (smile)!

Thank goodness for dish rags and paper towels. And thank goodness that there are some days that making a mess is worth the smile that comes behind it!!! Live, laugh and love...always :)


Cheffie-Mom said...

I think I've told you this before - but I absolutely LOVE how you celebrate your children! Precious post!

Kris said...

You are so right on the spot! Life's short, right? Gotta enjoy it all. Your song in the background really says it all... "It won't be like this for long..."