Friday, June 12, 2009

A fallen hero

Last night our family went out to show our American pride to a fallen hero. Our hometown lost our first Sgt. in the war to stop terrorism. A young man of only 39, he died in the fight for freedom. Other proud Americans joined in, showing their support by lining the streets for miles and miles extending across county lines. It was a sight to behold. There are very few occasions that allow us as Americans to come together for a cause where we stand united. This was one of those events. We were all standing, showing our love and appreciation for our country and honoring a man that gave his life to protect the freedom that we all at times take for granted.

In the distance you could hear the roar of the helicopters as they approached following the funeral procession from the air. You could hear the sounds of sirens, motorcycles thundering engines and the snap and pop of American flag waving in the air. All of this was happening but somehow, it seemed to be a very silent moment. It was a moment of history, a moment of honor, a moment that your heart swelled with pride and then sank with sorrow. It was overwhelming in every way.

To all of our troops, family members of those who have loved ones serving in our military, past military men and women and those of you who are signing on to serve our country to continue our fight for freedom...I honor you. Thank you for what you have done, are doing and continue to do to keep freedom alive in the USA, God bless you and our country.


Jessica Reep Walburn said...

That was so awesome..I love being american and you are right this is something will make u have a lump in your throat but such a proud spirit in your heart..I love the USA!

Kris said...

Oh wow. Such poignant and heartfelt pictures. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding us of the sacrifices of great men and women.