Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fired up

I was invited to have a creative girls night out a few days ago and let me tell 'ya, it was SO much FUN! My cousin Kimberly invited me to go with her to a place called Wired & Fired. This place screams creativeness from the inside out. The minute you walk up to the store you it's art, art, art.

The place is filled with a ton of unfinished pottery pieces that are waiting to dazzle with new life. You pick your pottery piece and paint colors then off to work you go. Kimberly and I spent between 2-3 hours getting our "naked" pottery to a piece of art. Being first time pottery painters, we were a bit intimidated and way over stimulated with the task at hand. However, as we progressed through the painting process we seemed to be more at ease and more willing to try new techniques.

We had a great time and I would love to get fired up and take the plunge again. Now that we know what to expect, I think we could enjoy the experience and spread our creative wings a bit more. I think maybe even a scoop more of that delicious Ben & Jerry's ice cream would do wonders for our painting skills!

* I will post more pics soon*

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