Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have Kyoko fever

WARNING!!! If you have a low tolerance for certain illnesses you may want to stop reading this post. The disease that is being described is somewhat contagious and is said to have a high rate of infection once you are exposed!

It appears that I have been infected with Kyoko fever. This disease seems to have taken hold when I first laid my eyes on the Kyoko pattern. I have waited patiently for it to make it's debut in the marketplace and now I have a copy. I made my very first Kyoko shirt (size 2T) the other day and I noticed this strange feeling, an addiction if you will. If you think you want to take a chance and sew one of these adorable Kyoko shirts (or dresses), I encourage you to do so. However, I felt the need to warn you that this habit may become addictive and you may end up with Kyoko fever - LOL


1crown3tiaras said...

I have this pattern, but haven't had any time to pull it out yet. I think now I definitely will! It is so so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Kris said...

AACK!! I LOVE LOVE IT! Oh, the possibilities with this one. You have done such a brilliant job of putting it all together as well- your knack for choosing colors and fabrics is amazing.