Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Quinky-dink

Late yesterday evening my little princess arrived back home from a princess sleepover. My wonderful sister-n-law (hi D!) was so kind to pick her up from her slumber party and bring her home. When we were going out to unload the sleepover bags from the car, we noticed a new little creature wondering about the garage. Hmmm....."Where did he come from?" My husband noticed him outside earlier that day but did not think to much about it.

OK, lets back up..a little fill in on the past couple of weeks. We were given a cat and as soon as we let it out of the crate it took off, never to be seen again. In hopes that it would return we kept food and water out for it. Well, this drew another cat (orange tabby) that would come by and munch a bit. But lately, no sign of him either. He was quite healthy, so I knew he must be owned by someone. So, our beginning luck with cats has not been so great. That is until this little guy showed up.

(Back to the garage) I decided to feed the cat. He looked very skinny and you could tell he was still very young, not quite full grown. He ate like a champ, slurped up a few drinks of water and just hung out like he owned the place. Tommy and I had planned to go out and eat once our princess arrived back home so we finished unloading the car and prepared to go eat.

We put the little cat on the front porch with a bowl of food and water. We got out a little pet crate and placed a blanket inside and off we went. We didn't think to much about the little kitten while we were gone, but when we arrived back home, there he was! "Wow, he stayed" Roxanne said. Yep, and he stayed through the night and all day today on the porch. So, I asked Roxanne if she would like to name him. She was not much into giving any feedback, so I suggested "Quinky", like a quinky-dink some say when a coincidence happens.

Quinky was definitely a coincidence! But, it looks like he's a keeper. We went to PetSmart and picked him up a bed and a liter box. With the falling temps. tonight, we thought it might be best that Quinky sleep in the garage bathroom. He will be nice and cozy there. We have also made him an appointment to visit the vet on Friday.

The girls both love our new pet (if he stays). They play with him and he just purrrssss as he rubs against them and begs to be babied. Wish us luck. We are all new at the cat thing. Well, I guess with the 4 acres we have, little Quinky is bound to find a nice little mouse friend he can play with if we are too boring!


Kris said...

What a sweetie! Looks like you have a new pet! I admire that you are willing to take him in. Your children will be thrilled!

TheCounsils said...

What a wonderful story. We have two dogs and tonight they met two cats. One of the girls said before we left... I LOVE CATS... and she pretended to hug the kitty. Now these kitties weren't the nicest cats, but perhaps one day they will know what it's like to have a cat.


Heather said...

Thanks for your comment ladies. Do you guys think you could come to Georgia. I need a fabric shopping partner and a lunch date with no kids! Ya'll are sweet.

Danille said...

Quinky is such a beautiful cat...and it sounds like he's a sweetheart, too!! The girls will show him plenty of love, I know! What a great New Year's present! :-D

Lisa said...

I have always been a huge cat lover (and owner). He is a cutie, I hope he stays around because they make such good pets for little ones.