Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanks Lisa!

My friend Lisa introduced me to these sweet little treats. She posted pictures of her new found love on her blog and attached the web link to the sweet spot! Lisa created a masterpiece with her little cupcake pops. They looked so good and were so cute, I just had to give it a try. Roxanne had fun decorating the pops with the green and red sprinkles. I will have to say, my favorite part was sampling the M&Ms!

If you are interested in making some of these little cuties, here is the link where you will find a detailed "how to". Enjoy!


Danille R. said...

This treat made by you and Roxy did add some "Christmas Sparkle" to the dessert bar at our family Christmas gathering yesterday! Very cute...good job! :-)

Lisa said...

OMG those are so cute....and make me hungry because you know all of ours are gone! LOL Those are the best deserts...I have gotten my Mom and Dad both addicted to them.