Sunday, December 28, 2008

So proud

The Sunday before Christmas was our annual church Christmas production. The chorale welcomed us with Christmas songs. The choir sang a wonderful Christmas message that touched the hearts of the people. The young children put on a Christmas play/musical. We enjoyed food and games with our family and friends and celebrated the birth of Jesus.

Roxanne was the letter "Y" in the Christmas program. She said her part absolutely perfect and had her first solo in a church program. She sang Joy to the World so sweet, it would just melt your heart. I was proud of her and all of the kids in the program. Way to go kids!


Aunt Danille said...

Oh, they did do a fabulous job, didn't they?!! Aunt Nille was EXTREMELY proud of Rox for doing an awesome job on her part and singing her song!! We have a future singer in the making, mom!! :-) I have to say the same thing as far as the program...SO PROUD!!! :-)

Lisa said...

Look at the Y! She did such a great job...too cute!