Monday, March 2, 2009

I thought spring was here?

Boy was I wrong! We had a winter blast come in out of nowhere. I am serious! Saturday afternoon I was grilling pork chops and it was like 69 degrees. Then Sunday afternoon...SNOW! It was crazy! Huge flakes, dropping temps and a little girl that was giggling with excitement made for a wonderful day in the snow. We enjoyed taking pictures of the rare occasion. The snow is still lingering on the ground today and school was canceled but temps are forecasted to be in the 40's. So, I am sure things will be back to normal soon. Enjoy the pictures of our fun time in the Georgia snow storm!


Courtney said...

LOVE the pictures!!!

Cheffie-Mom said...

These pictures brightened my day! Precious! Stay warm. (:

Kris said...

That's so crazy!!! Snow in March? Wow! Those are such cute pictures though Heather. I love snow pictures!