Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My weekend of sewing

Sorry I am a little behind on posting about my weekend of sewing. It was more like a weekend of shopping...LOL Oh, I am not complaining b/c it was ll for me! That picture of ugly slippers that you see up there was my inspiration. I love my Very Bradley slippers...can't ya tell? I have wore them to shreds!

To start things off, I grabbed my weekend sewing book and headed for the lawn chair in the back yard. What could be more inspiring than being outside, in the sunshine, reading an inspirational book about sewing? I came up with my attack plan for my weekend projects. I was inspired to make myself a new pair a slippers. "That would be fun, useful and I need a new pair desperately", I thought to myself.

I came in and started working on picking my fabric selection, gathering materials and cutting the pattern. It was then that I realized my workspace was way less than adequate to endure a weekend of sewing. So, I put my pen to the paper and started thinking of items that I needed to make my space more functional.

I gathered the family and off we went. It was a long day of shopping but a very successful shopping trip. I know have more of a studio look for my sewing area, more room, more organization and a more functional work space.

So, my sewing space got a makeover and my feet got a makeover as well...it all went from drab to fab! I also made Roxanne a Kimono style dress. Everything is finished except for the sleeve edge/cuff. I am not sure if I like the length, I may cut if off a little shorter. I will post pictures of the finished project this week. I am just itching to see the end result!

(I'll post pictures of the sewing space in a later post...hang tight!)


Kris said...

The slippers turned out SO CUTE!!!!! What a great idea it was to organize your sewing space, too. I need to do that so I can be more productive. Sounds like you got some great inspiration this weekend!

Cheri said...

So very cute! That is a cute idea for Mother's Day gifts also. You are so crafty!

Cheffie-Mom said...

You are super talented! Love the slippers!