Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank goodness for rain boots!

Our neck of the woods, down south here in Georgia, has been rather wet the past couple of days. We had a weekend full of rain showers. Roxanne was about to bust at the seems due to her high energy level. While the rain took a short break I headed outside to get a peek at the flooded yard. About that time, Roxanne came dashing out the front door in very little apparel. I had to laugh, it was quite cute. She was sporting her Dora panties and rain boots very proudly. She called out to me, "Mom, can I come out and play too?" How do you say no when your rolling with laughter. "Sure", I replied..."let me get my camera!" I could tell this was going to be a great photo opp. Enjoy the "mud diva"!


Cheri said...

LOL!!!!! That is too funny, I love the one where she is striking a little pose, or maybe dancing, not sure. Looks like she is having a blast. I love that they come up with stuff like this now. Dylan came in the other day with just underwear & a Superman cape. He says he is "Super Fast"!! Kids are so much fun!

Courtney said...


Kris said...

How FUNNY!!!! That's so cute and that's what being a child is all about! Great pics Heather!