Tuesday, March 17, 2009

scrambled thoughts

Is it Friday yet? I tell ya what, it has been a crazy week and there is more craziness to come. We started the week out with a bang...NOT! We got word that Roxanne's teacher was leaving and would be replaced. That threw her for a loop. She could not understand the fact that her teacher would not be coming back. Her new teacher is starting tomorrow. I am sure Roxanne will fill me in with all the details - LOL

Bryar has started going through the terrible stage of separation anxiety. She does not want me to leave the room she is in. If she decides to leave the room I am in, she insist that I go with her saying "moan"...translated, "come on". When we begin our bedtime routine and I ask her if she is ready to go nite-nite, she says no and starts to cling to me. When she is laid down she cries this terrible little heart ripping cry. I have tried to sooth her with a sippy cup of water and soft cuddly toys in her crib. She cries it out for about 5 minutes or so and then drifts off to sleep. She only does this at night. She acts perfectly fine during her nap time. I can remember Roxanne going through this stage as well. Somehow, I forgot how it rips your heart out...ouch!

It has been raining since...forever. No, not really, just since Saturday. We have been stuck inside and the girls are getting a bit of cabin fever. Roxanne and I decided to get out a do it yourself book project that I had stuffed in the craft closet. We made silly objects with pre-cut foam pieces and glued them to pre-cut paper sheets. When we were finished decorating the paper, we placed each one inside the book. It was a great way to pass the time and we both had a great time creating the book together.

I hope that all of you have a blessed Wednesday....Friday's almost here!


Cheri said...

Ok, you're going to have to change that song or I'm going to be crying everytime I visit your blog! and I don't even have a little girl! lol!
As for Bryar, Maddox is going through that as well. He is getting a little better but he has always been a great sleeper - just put him in his bed and he is out. But about 3 months ago, he started crying when I put him down, I remember because it was after we went to AYC. When we got home it took me nearly a week to get him back to normal! Oh well, just another stage to test your sanity as a mother!
Cute crafts!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great job on the book project! Very colorful and fun! Marissa and I did crafty creations when she was little. (:

Kris said...

Poor little Bryar...what a sweet thing. It's so hard when they are experiencing that separation anxiety. It's especially not fun for mom as it creates such a tug at your heart.

CUTE CUTE cards Roxanne made!