Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunshine bliss!

The Roe clan can use just about anything for some fun, even a tree dolly!
I took a quick shot at Roxanne with her sweet little expression relaxing by the pond.

Bryar is getting so big. I love her chunky arms in this picture. It's about the only chunky part of her body. She's gonna take after mommy I guess :)

Doesn't this look like fun! Man, to be a little again...KIDS rock!

Oh, the warmth of the bliss! Georgia has warmed up over the past couple of days with mid day temps in the 70's. It is so nice to see the trees budding, birds singing and my adopted pack of deer roaming the property (yes, we feed them). Spring is so fresh and vibrant. I love the burst of colors from the tulips, the splashing of water with spring showers and the evening sun.....welcome spring, glad you're here!

This weekend our family was busy about the yard, cleaning and sprucing things up a bit. We were weeding beds, laying pine straw, pulling out old branches and maybe even preparing for a sun room :) We had fun just enjoying each others company and being able to get some fresh air!


Kris said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! No one would have ever guessed that you had snow there just last week!I think we exchanged weather patterns...we just got pounded with a snowstorm today. Wah! Loving your pictures! Isn't life great?

Cheri said...

Glad you guys are enjoying the sunshine!! We are LOVING it! Tomorrow we leave for Kentucky where it won't be quite as warm but looking forward to visiting Russell's family. Ya'll have a great week.