Friday, March 27, 2009

project #104

I think we have done like 103 projects to our home as of today. We have redone the roof, the carpet the heat and air units, the appliances, the paint, the hard woods, the bathroom, the ceiling....should I go on? Well, when I did the tiny bit of a redo to my craft space, the project monster started to breed and now we have tiny projects (kind of tiny) starting to flare up all around the house. We have decided to paint the entire living room, trim and all. When we were painting some sample colors on the wall, next to the window trim, we decided new windows would probably be a good idea. So, my house is kind of a wreck right now. There are about three walls with diff. color paint on them and all of my windows are now just hanging there, no trim, ready to be taken out. So, we are in the midst of a project nightmare! However, due to having done remodeling before, we are kind of use to making a mess of things - LOL Wish us luck, we are hoping to have all of the new windows installed and the first coat of primer on the walls by we go!


Courtney said...

Good luck to you! It sounds like my house and projects!

Your Etsy shop is looking really good! :)

Cheri said...

You crack me up with your
projects! Russell and I would never tackle half of the things you do by yourself - we are supposed to re-do our bathroom this Spring. Let's see if that actually happens! I want to tear down the ugly 1970 tile from the walls and put up new. Russell is probably hoping I will forget! haha!