Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mompreneurs...sick, sassy & snow

Sorry for the delay in posting about the Mompreneurs first meeting. We've had some sickness, snow and a little sassy four year old that we have been dealing with over the past couple of days. First off, the meeting...let me just say "WOW!" The meeting was very informal, more of a relaxed atmosphere and simply just getting to know each other. I enjoyed hearing the other ladies tell about there businesses and goals that they are setting. We enjoyed some refreshments, had a few door prizes and soaked up some much needed mommy to mommy talk.
Lisa was so kind to snap a few photos of the session. **Hey Lisa, thanks for the wonderful shot of me talking with my hands...it's a great picture (NOT!)** I"ll make sure to get a picture of Lisa talking with her hands at the next meeting - LOL!

This past Saturday my little Bryar got sick just out of the blue. We were in the car doing a few weekend errands and suddenly Bryar gets yucky sick in the car. "WHAT!" I could not believe it. We pulled over, changed her and decided maybe it was just something she ate. Thirty minutes later...boom, again! Ok, so maybe she is like really sick, "let's head back". Well, by this time, it's time for lunch. We decide a drive-thru was best. Bryar is just begging to eat so I give in and let her eat...boom, round three! "You've gotta be kidding me!" Needless to say, our car had to be taken to the nearest scrub-n-bubbles shop to be cleaned. The yucky sick stopped but we have been changing yucky diapers nearly every hour since then. Needless to say, Bryar has an appointment with the doctor at 10:00 am Wednesday, wish us luck!

OK, now for Miss Sassy. Shew, talk about feeling like the disfunctional mom...I'm it! Roxanne is going through the terrible two's a little late (like two years late). She's testing the waters to say the least. Don't get me wrong, she a sweet kid, lovable and cute as a stinkin' button. She's just got this thing with not listening. It's like she only hears what she wants to hear. Anybody been there? Oh, and her hands, she can't keep them off of people. She wants to grab and pull on other kids, laughing the entire time. She's not trying to be mean, she just wants to hang on them. Pray that this stage will pass, quickly!

The snow...well, you can read about it a little further down. It was the highlight of the weekend!

OK, I think I have said enough. Most of you probable did not even make it this far down in the post. Sorry, I know I can be a little boring. Better luck with my next post. Til then...hugs from a mommy!


Moxie Lisa said...

Aww I hope little Bryar is feeling better. My whole family had this crazy thing a few weeks ago...luckily it didn't get to our house (yet) so be careful! :)

Oh and ditto on the terrible twos....Gia has been going through them since she was about 1! Xander went through the really bad and he turned out to be a great kid so let's hope she is the same way. LOL

Cheri said...

I hate to hear that Bryar has been sick - that is no fun! As for little Miss Roxy - well, you know I've been there, done that!! (more like, I am there, doing that! lol!) For a while, I was sure Dylan would end up in juvenile detention (j.k.!), but I must say he has turned out to be a rather sweet little boy now. They just go through their little phases of trying and testing us great parents! Now it's Maddox's turn - aaaaaah! He is almost two and throwing fits on a regular basis. We'll get through it, hang in there! :)

Kris said...

Heather, I made it through your post! I alway enjoy reading what you have to write. First off, I hope Bryar gets feeling better- that's no fun at all! And then sweet little Roxanne...so cute that she's so affectionate with those around her. ;) I loved hearing about your meeting as well. I think it's a wonderful thing that you are doing in gathering like-minded moms who want to succeed in business, too. You're awesome for all your efforts in that. And finally...BRRR in Georgia!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I hope Bryar is feeling much better. The picture of the girls is precious, they are beautiful.