Monday, March 2, 2009

The new mommy itch

Don't you hate when you get the new mommy itch? Ahhhh, it's all over me right now but I am in no way thinking of being a new mommy again...ya got that! It all started when I found the cutest diaper bag while shopping in the baby section at one of our local boutiques. SMACK!!! It hit me, that stinkin' itch! Awe, all the new baby items that would fit great in this awesome bag, the passys, bottles, tiny diapers and cute wipes case...I love babies stuff! So, if you are planning on being a new mommy or you are enjoying that new bundle of joy, you gotta take a look here. These bags are awesome!

1 comment:

Jana Floyd said...

It's a TRAP!! AAAAAH! I walked right into that one! :D Hehehe!