Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why do I love being a mommy?

....because you get things like this almost everyday! This cute little drawing by Roxanne just made my day. She gathered up a pad of scrap paper, stamps and some markers and went to town. She was laying on the floor by the back door just coloring and singing silly made up songs to pass the time. She looked up at me at said "Mommy, how do you spell your name?" I spelled it slowly, one letter at a time, repeating a few " H E A T H E R", I replied. It wasn't long after that, she handed me this wonderful page, splashing with color, and my name written on top.
Ahhhh, life as a mommy could not have been any better at that moment :)
Thank you tiara's are my favorite (wink)!

(Sorry, my scanner cropped the image a little and cut off the R. Shucks, it was such a cute R.)


Kris said...

Oh that is the cutest!!!! I love mommy pictures. They're hanging all over! What a sweetie.

Cheri said...

Wow! That is awesome that she wrote your name out. Pretty impressive for her age. You got a smart little girl on your hands. Hope you guys are doing well!