Monday, July 27, 2009

Not your frilly kind of lace

Sewing is no big news around our house. If the machine is running, there is usually a kiddo or two in my lap or standing by my side. My girls love to watch me sew. At times, I will give the girls my scrap pieces to play with. Roxy will hand me tiny bits and say "Mommy, can you sew this together" or " I need these pieces sewn right here to make a ....etc". It is always my pleasure to encourage their creativity. However, I want them to also understand the old style or the traditional way of sewing as well.

I think hand eye coordination is a very important skill, especially when sewing. While browsing through Michael's a few months back, I found some of those old fashion lace boards. Remember those? I use to sit for hours playing with lace cards. Untying them and then retying them....and so on. Both of my girls showed just as much interest as I did (as a kid) when I showed them the lace cards. They played with them for almost an hour.

Roxy was getting pretty good at weaving the lace string through each hole. Bryar was just proud that she could get the lace in a hole - LOL She would applaud herself out loud each time she was able to lace a hole in the card, it was quite cute! We all had fun learning a simple technique and enjoying what seems to be a growing trend in our home...the love of sewing!


Cheri said...

How cute! I love that look of concentration on little Bryar's face. Those look fun, I'm might try them out with my boys!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I will have to try that with Corban!