Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. You know all those places around the house that you look at and say, "I need to clean that", well today "that" got done. I spent most of the day doing all the nitty gritty cleaning, taking a few breaks for some fun and laughs with the kids (we got a new puppet stage).

My new saying is, "Cleaning is like a good work out. If you're sore when it's over, then you don't do it enough!". Well, my legs are a little stiff from all of the up and down of standing in a chair, reaching all the corners. My arms are a little wore out from doing the "wax on, wax off" motion (No, I don't karate, but my 2 year old a funny kind of way!).

The entire house is clean, everyone's room smells fresh and everyone has clean crisp sheets on their bed and clean snugly soft pj's to wear to bed. Ahhhhhh, talk about a job that gives a reward! We will all be sleeping like babies tonight :)
Oh, and the picture up there...well, it's one of our newest additions to our pond plants. It has a unique look and I caught it wide open right after a rain shower, beautiful isn't it!

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Jana Floyd said...

I am very familiar with this kind of cleaning right now!!! It is a GOOD feeling to get it all done..