Sunday, July 19, 2009

trotting about

The summer has been full of fun times, good food and lots of laughs. Last weekend we enjoyed spending a good part of Saturday with my in-laws. Roxanne loves to go to Nana's house and I enjoy the woodsy feel of her home. It's tucked away from the city life, surrounded by acres of land with horses grazing in the pasture. Roxanne and I want to move to a farm, so this is the next best thing!

Other family members gathered in and we enjoyed the day. Nana grilled old fashion burgers served with all the yummy sides! The kids could hardly stand the wait to gear up the horses for riding. Each one of them would smile from ear to ear as they mounted the horse. Even little Bryar got on! They spent most of the afternoon trooting about on the horses and loving every minute of it!

We ended the afternoon cooling off at Amicalola Falls. Talk about gorgeous! The water was cool and crisp. The kids wadded in the streams alongside the falls and had tons of fun splashing about. We hiked down the trails, stopping to take pictures along the way of the beautiful view around us. I love nature when its manicured, maintained and full of life, but I also love it raw, uncut and twisted. There's just something about it's realness. Ahhh, just thinking about it makes me want to go back. I am sure there's a house or two for sale up there!

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Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, nature is beauty. I love the black and white photo - it looks like it came out of a children's story book.